The Reasons For Discrepancies In Statistics Between Ad Networks And Google Analytics or Yandex…

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The Reasons For Discrepancies In Statistics Between Ad Networks And Google Analytics or Yandex Metrics

The Ubex project is all about the intricacies of the advertising market, and that means the development team is well-versed in the troubles and challenges that both advertisers and webmasters face while operating ad campaigns and the appropriate tools. The project is continuing its series of publications on the issues faced in gauging the vital metrics that determine the success of ad campaigns.

To assess the quantity and quality of traffic for an advertising campaign, experts use analytics systems such as Yandex.Metrics and Google Analytics (GA). In 90% of cases, it is possible to see discrepancies in the data presented in the reports of banner ads, Metrics and GA. The given article will delve into the reasons for these inconsistencies.

When comparing indicators, special attention should be paid to the fact that the methods and algorithms for calculating statistics for each system are different. Even if we take the advertising campaign of one client for the same period of time, the data GA and Metrics can vary significantly.

The number of clicks in Banner advertising is greater than the number of sessions (visits) in Metric and GA. When advertisers compare the report on the advertising campaign in the Banner advertising with the Metric ones or GA, sometimes it is possible to see that the number of clicks in the Banner advertising is greater.

Understand the reasons for such discrepancies, it is important to understand the difference between clicks and sessions. Clicks show the number of clicks to your site on an ad. A session is a sequence of user actions on a website for a certain period of time. Several events and interactions can occur in a single session. Clicks and sessions are not the same thing


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