The Ripple Drop: Developing the XRP Ledger and the Future of Crypto Regulation in the US

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The latest episode of The Ripple Drop looks ahead to the future development of the XRP Ledger and how US crypto regulation needs to evolve to help tech innovators.

Changing the Face of Global Payments

Vidya Mani accepted the role of Ripple’s new VP of Engineering because she believes the company has a compelling opportunity to provide great payments experiences, especially for customers in underserved markets.

Her team continues to make the On-Demand Liquidity experience even more seamless, efficient and reliable for RippleNet customers. But she also wants them to apply their energy, passion and diversity of thought and culture beyond cross-border payments, telling The Ripple Drop:

“My goal for the team is to build a platform which can anticipate and support a wide variety of solutions that can fundamentally change the way global payments operate.”

External Core Contributions 

The XRP Ledger (XRPL) features contributions from both Ripple and non-Ripple engineers and Ripple’s Director of Engineering, Nik Bougalis, looks forward to the continued evolution of the XRP Ledger in partnership with the community. The recently released XRPL v1.6, which includes advancements like negative UNL code and hardened validations, feature external contributors to the core code.

Not only are external contributors building on the XRPL, but external developers are also found working on wallets and other crypto tools where they benefit from XRPL’s speed, low cost and high volumes of transactions, as well as support for a rich set of functionalities like time locks, escrows and multi-sign.

“It will be interesting to see the community develop more and build up their knowledge base.” Nik says.

The US Risks Being On The Wrong Side of Innovation And History 

Ripple’s General Counsel, Stuart Alderoty welcomes the recent announcement from the Office of the Controller of the Currency saying that ...

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