The Ripple Drop: Predictions for 2020

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This special holiday episode of The Ripple Drop reflects on the impact of blockchain technology and digital assets over the past decade—and what’s ahead for the industry as we stand on the doorstep of a new year. Members of our executive team, including CEO Brad Garlinghouse, discuss what surprised them in 2019, industry milestones and predictions for 2020

2019 Surprises: The Libra Launch and RippleNet Growth
The entrance of Facebook’s Libra white paper caught the world’s attention in 2019. VP of Global Institutional Markets Breanne Madigan explained how the announcement generated a global push for defined regulatory frameworks around digital assets and blockchain technology.

“I’d say there were a few things that surprised me this year,” said Madigan. “One was the degree to which the Libra project had the ability to catalyze global governments across the world to come together and start to understand the urgency around developing regulatory frameworks.”

Additionally, SVP of Customer Success Marcus Treacher explained that RippleNet’s record growth was his biggest 2019 surprise. “What surprised me was the pace in which we were able to grow a global network, RippleNet, by connecting banks and payment companies,” said Treacher. “We saw a tremendous uptick in volume, activity and onboarding of global companies.”

This sentiment was echoed by SVP of Marketing, Monica Long around the customer adoption of RippleNet’s On Demand Liquidity (ODL). ODL leverages the digital asset XRP to make instant cross-border payments without the need to pre-fund an account in the destination country.

“I was very pleasantly surprised by the demand that we saw for On-Demand Liquidity from the existing RippleNet customer base,” said Long. “For a long time we had validated the value proposition for On-Demand Liquidity both for market research and talking to our customers, but 2019 was a breakout ...

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