The Second Coming

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The Second Coming

It’s time! The last few weeks have been interesting to say the least, but we are happy to announce that the Algo Change has been completed and will activate at Block 618,000. Warm up your rigs! We will switch to Equihash 192,7 with a personalisation string BTCP_PoW. For those new to mining, we are hoping to put some basic instructions together, to get you hashing!

We have had to be reactive to outside influence once again, which has led us to the decision to put the Groth16 changes on hold until the next release. While this is disappointing, it was felt that in the best interests of BTCP, a short notice Algo Change drop was necessary.

We have seen increased activity on the network and have been working closely with pools and exchanges to identify, monitor and understand the situation. This has taken up a large amount of valuable development resource, which is the main driver in the decision to focus only on the 192,7 changes.

Also included in this build is an update to the difficulty calculations, that will allow more dynamic changes to the difficulty to keep better to the 2.5 minute block schedule. The implementation is LWMA for those that wish to research and it is believed that we are the first z-based coin to implement this. BTCP is at the cutting edge.

In other news, work has been progressing on the Mac Full Node Wallet. Within the last week a build has successfully been completed and is up and running. This will be formalised and distributed in due course.

There is plenty more work in the weeks to come and rest assured that progress is being made, with the limited resources that we have. The good news is that we are slowly building traction. There is a ...

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