The Solution To The Internet’s Data Hoarding Problem

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Li Jun, Founder of Ontology, discusses how Self Sovereign Identity solutions will reshape the way we share data on the internet

Every time you click onto the internet, you add to your digital identity, creating a virtual memory of who you are, what you look at, and where you spend your browsing time. Have you ever wondered where this identity exists and who has access to it? As it stands, internet users have very little oversight over the personal information they share with different platforms and how this is managed and stored. As the world increasingly moves online to offer key services, users must strive for better protection. In order to do so, it is essential that they are equipped with the right information and tools.

Self Sovereign Identity (SSI) solutions can help to facilitate this. Using blockchain to empower users, SSI solutions help users to take back control of their identity online by ensuring security and data management are at the forefront of every exchange.

Current limitations on data protection across the internet mean that users too often blindly accept cookies and hand over their data to renowned hoarders. Cookies are little text files that websites store on your computer in order to track your activity. Regular cookies are essential for tracking your browser preferences and settings, however, third party cookies pose a more significant threat to your privacy as they track user settings across various websites, making it possible for companies to monitor your browsing activity long after you have left their platforms.

In its most simple form, this means that companies can show you targeted ads on a platform such as Instagram for products that you may have looked at on a totally different platform weeks before. In its more sinister form, this could mean that companies are ...

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