The wanBridge Storeman Selection Process Has Begun!

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The wanBridge Storeman Selection Process Has Begun!

Make sure to set up and register your Storeman node before the selection deadline of November 19th, 11:13am UTC+8

Immediately following the release of the Wanchain 5.0 main net GWAN client on November 11, 2020, the Wanchain Foundation initiated the selection process for the first wanBridge. The first wanBridge will connect the Ethereum and Wanchain blockchains in order to empower bidirectional flow of assets between both chains.

To learn more about how the Storeman node selection process, about how wanBridges work, and other Wanchain 5.0 features, check out our official 5.0 announcement article.

For detailed step-by-step instructions about how to set up and register your node, please see this article.

In order to support Storeman node operators, we have released a new version of the Wanchain desktop light wallet with a variety of new features which let node operators securely and conveniently perform important functions directly from their wallet. The new wallet makes it easy for you to get your Storeman node set up and to quickly register to take part in the node selection process.

To download the new wallet and to learn more about all the new features it supports, check out the official release article.

Storeman Node Selection Process:

As we described in our 5.0 announcement article, each wanBridge connects a single pair of blockchains, for example, the first wanBridge to go live will connect Ethereum with Wanchain. The article also describes how each wanBridge consists of 21 Storeman nodes which permissionlessly operated by anyone who desires to participate. In order to decide which 21 Node operators are chosen to participate in a wanBridge, a selection process takes place prior to the start of the wanBridge. The selection criteria are very simple — the 21 nodes with the highest amount of WAN ...

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