The Zilliqa Ambassadors Programme Has Launched!

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Zilliqa’s Ambassadors Programme is taking off! Having an ambassadors programme was something that the community have asked for as this is what can potentially increase our network effect exponentially.

From today, you can sign up to become a Zilliqa ambassador and get incentivised for your work to help grow and nurture Zilliqa’s blossoming ecosystem.

What is the Zilliqa Ambassadors Programme?

Zilliqa Ambassadors Programme is a community empowerment initiative, designed to incentivise and develop community leadership amongst Zilliqans. The ambassadors programme also carries the spirit of decentralisation across the Zilliqa ecosystem, incentivising Zilliqans for championing Zilliqa’s cause.

Active sharing of knowledge as a developer or community manager is essential in helping Zilliqa to accelerate our rate of growth and adoption at maximum ZILocity!

Who Are the Ambassadors?

Zilliqa is honoured to have active and committed members of the community who consistently engage and assist with our efforts. Ambassadors are Zilliqans that go the extra mile to proliferate both technical and non-technical information about our platform, spreading the word of Zilliqa to more developers and the larger crypto community. From podcasts, written content, developer blogs, translations to community management and meetups, ambassadors can help in a multitude of ways!

The inception of the Ambassador Programme is Zilliqa’s way of rewarding and showing gratitude to these key pillars of our community and developer network growth.

Why Become an Ambassador?

  • Free Swag! — Let the world know you’re an Ambassador of Zilliqa! We will send you exclusive merchandise upon acceptance into the program so you can flex your mark of a Zilliqan Ambassador.
  • Network Effect — Increase your personal network effect!...

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