Theta 1-click delegated staking now live in the Theta Web Wallet

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1-click staking is now live in the Theta Web Wallet! With this new feature, you can delegate your THETA to stake to community-run Guardian Nodes that have volunteered their nodes for use. 13 long-time Theta community members have already volunteered for their nodes to be whitelisted in the Theta Web Wallet, so you can earn TFUEL staking rewards easier than ever. We’re looking forward to new stakers pushing the Theta protocol staking percentage through 60% and higher with this new update!

Theta 1-click staking is available in the Theta Web Wallet to start, but will be added to the Theta mobile wallet and Chrome extension in the near future. The process is almost identical to the existing staking process. First login to your Theta Web Wallet, then go to the Stakes section and click ‘Deposit Stake’.

Click the new option ‘Delegated Guardian Node’ which will take you to a list of the GN volunteers who generously provided their nodes to stake to. Select one, then click Continue and enter the number of THETA you want to stake to their node and click Deposit Stake.

Note, the same terms apply as if you are staking to your own node — the TFUEL staking rewards are the same as if you staked to your own node, and the minimum number of THETA tokens to stake is 1,000. TFUEL staking rewards are probabilistic (randomly earned by stake-weighted probability), and for stakers under 50,000 THETA it can sometimes take days or weeks to earn a reward, which is normal. For more detail please read the guide on TFUEL staking here.

Like all Theta staking there is no risk to your tokens because staked tokens can only ever be returned to the staker’s wallet, regardless of whether a node fails, is compromised, or any other issue — no matter the case, only you ...

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