Theta Collaborates with Chainlink to Fight Online Video Ad Fraud

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Theta has been collaborating with Chainlink in the past several months building an innovative blockchain-based technology platform to solve the multi-billion dollar Ad fraud problem, through increased levels of transparency and reliability about the performance data of online video data. Our solution, which is currently live on TestNet, uses Google’s Big Data solution, BigQuery, to process video performance data generated on the Theta Network and create a reputation score for each streamer based on their viewership. Chainlink oracles then broadcast the reputation scores to the Ethereum blockchain where they are stored as immutable records for online advertisers to reference when deciding where to allocate capital.

Our design combines the inherent capabilities of the Theta blockchain to redundantly validate video content data and Chainlink’s ability to secure off-chain data delivery, with the benefits of Big Data processing to provide advertisers a golden source of truth regarding online content viewership, filtering out ad fraud and false metrics. Doing so increases the effectiveness of online advertising by empowering more informed decision making about which content creators and platforms reach the largest number of unique human users.

Additionally, we plan to use Chainlink to expand upon this initial integration by leveraging its secure oracles to obtain additional off-chain data about viewership. This data will be used in the future to develop advanced multivariable reputation scores about online content, further increasing the reliability and transparency of online advertising campaigns. We are confident that our unique approach can unlock billions of dollars in savings for online advertisers both through our immediate and advanced solutions.

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