Theta Ecosystem 2022 & TDROP Token — FAQs

Introducing the Theta Ecosystem 2022 & TDROP NFT Liquidity Mining token

We’re excited to announce the Theta Ecosystem 2022 whitepaper! Read the latest on the Theta vision for media and entertainment, how decentralized video delivery and Edge Nodes work with ThetaDrop, and the introduction of the TDROP NFT Liquidity Mining token.

With Mainnet 3.0 successfully launched, more than 40% of TFUEL staked and over 8,000 Elite Edge Nodes, the Theta blockchain is reaching a complete implementation. While protocol improvements will continue as new features are added, the main focus of development for the remainder of 2021 and 2022 will now shift from protocol development to building the Theta ecosystem and accelerating adoption of Theta as the leading media and entertainment blockchain.

To continue driving Theta’s leadership position in the global media and entertainment market, all stakeholders in the Theta ecosystem should benefit including OTT/video platforms, Theta community, ThetaDrop NFT (non-fungible token) community, brand partners and others. Popular video platforms already integrated with Theta peer-to-peer (P2P) streaming infrastructure 1 include CONtv Anime, World Poker Tour, Cinedigm, GameTalkTalk, MovieBloc, GFUEL, and others. Expanding adoption of Theta’s decentralized video and data delivery is a key focus for 2022 and beyond.

Many ongoing strategic discussions with global video and OTT platforms have focused on NFTs and digital collectibles as a new source of revenue in addition to the benefits of decentralized streaming and video delivery. These long-term partnership discussions now include building their NFTs on the Theta NFT smart contract platform, incorporating exclusive NFT drops as part of the live experience for movies and shows across multiple seasons, utilizing Theta P2P infrastructure to incentivize viewers with TFUEL and introducing a fan reward and engagement program. The first Theta global video partner that launches this fully integrated vision at scale will fundamentally change the future ...

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