Theta protocol code v2.2.0 released with important performance-related updates

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Theta version 2.2.0 code has now been released and is open-source on Theta GitHub:

This version contains various performance fixes we have been working on and testing in the past few weeks. Notably, the randomized block reward feature will be enabled at block height 9497418 (approximately 7–10pm Mar 10th, 2021 PST). While all nodes will still earn the same TFUEL earnings they would have before over time, it means there will now be significant variations in the timing and size of TFUEL rewards. This was necessary as usage of the Theta blockchain continues to grow, and in particular the number of Guardian Nodes staking. With 2,500 Guardian Nodes operating and goals to expand this to 10x that figure in the future, the number of transactions used for paying out TFUEL rewards with every checkpoint will continue to grow linearly. This new method eliminates the issue of scalability in GN rewards. .

At each 100 block checkpoint, there will now be 200–300 stakers randomly selected (weighted by their stake) to divide the block rewards. This is a change from the status quo where ALL stakers received a block reward at every checkpoint. The net effect is that instead of getting a small TFUEL reward every ~12 minutes, you will earn larger TFUEL rewards but at longer, non-regular intervals. A new feature for tracking TFUEL earnings will be added to the Theta Explorer soon, so that you can more easily view your total TFUEL earnings over a given time period.

A large staker (with 100K+ THETA stake) should expect to receive a reward every 2.5–3 hours or so (not guaranteed, just expectation). A 100K staker should have at least 98% likelihood to receive a reward every 10 hours. For the same block though, two stakers with ...

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