Theta Protocol upgrades launching today including smart contracts to Mainnet

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At block 8,411,427, expected to occur at approximately 12:47pm PST, the new Theta protocol changes will officially go into effect! Theta development team will then monitor the blockchain to confirm all updates went as expected and will announce when complete. This upgrade will not require existing tokenholders to take any action or move any tokens — there is no token swap of any kind. Here is a quick guide on what to expect today and in the coming weeks for Theta:

What changes are coming today, December 10?

  • Smart contracts are enabled on Theta mainnet at block 8,411,427
  • The Guardian Node staking threshold is decreased to 1,000 THETA at block 8,411,427, for both new staking and adding to additional stakes
  • Theta.js Javascript SDK is released. Please click here for the tutorial.
  • Theta Explorer is updated with new features for smart contract info. Please click here for more information.
  • The launch of a brand new Theta documentation site:

What is coming in the next weeks?

  • Theta Wallet Chrome extension has been submitted to Google for approval and is expected to be available shortly
  • Theta Token Minter is projected for release early next week, allowing users a simple UI to create their own tokens on Theta blockchain
  • Badges, emotes, and other items on will be converted to NFTs on Theta blockchain

Stay tuned for further updates today as testing is completed and changes are fully in effect!

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