Theta Token Minter now live, creating TNT-20 tokens on Theta blockchain

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The Theta ecosystem continues to expand with the release of the Theta Token Minter! With the Theta Token Minter, any user can create new TNT-20 tokens on Theta blockchain with no smart contract experience needed — you just need to know the name, ticker symbol, and decimal number and the supply parameters of your new token, and the Token Minter will take care of the rest! This opens the door to any number of new assets to be created on Theta blockchain, from custom streamer assets to new Dapps with their own tokens and much more.

Tokens can be created with either a permanently fixed supply, or with the ability for future tokens to be minted, depending on your token’s use case.

TNT-20 tokens can be added to the Theta Wallet Chrome Extension (download here or get more info here) to store alongside your THETA and TFUEL tokens. Just enter your new tokens smart contract address, ticker symbol, and number of decimals. Support for TNT-20 tokens will also be added to the Theta mobile wallet and web wallet in coming updates.

You can also view your contract using the Theta Explorer. To view and query the smart contracts parameters, use the source code for a generic TNT-20 token from Theta GitHub here and select compiler version

TNT-20 tokens are just one of the many use cases for smart contracts coming to the Theta ecosystem. Check out the smart contract docs here, and stay tuned for more new releases coming early in the 2021!

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