Tidal Finance Integrates with Bluzelle Oracles to Scale Decentralized Insurance Market

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📢 Tidal Finance, a Balancer-like insurance market powered by Polkadot, is integrating with the Bluzelle Oracles. We will provide Tidal with cross-chain data feeds, which will enable them to capture real-time blockchain data in order to power the next generation of DeFi applications. Bluzelle’s technology provides fast pricing intervals, high quality price data and advanced security triggers.

Tidal Finance allows users to create customizable insurance pools to meet their demand. Buyers also have the flexibility to transfer their insurance contract anytime via the tradable insurance tokens.

Bluzelle provides a set of data scaling solution that will accelerate Tidal’s pace towards a leading decentralized insurance marketplace. Bluzelle’s decentralized storage allows data from the Tidal Finance platform to be stored on different hosts by distributing data across the entire network. Furthermore, the Bluzelle Oracles will help to bring off-chain data onto Tidal’s smart contract. This would include accurate price feeds from decentralized sources.

“I am excited to work with a team of the caliber of Bluzelle which has a strong technical team to provide our users more confidence in decentralized data. It allows Tidal to launch new DeFi integrations while retaining access to a reliable data network,” said Chad Liu, Founder of Tidal Finance.

With Bluzelle, Tidal Finance can bring the highest quality decentralized insurance marketplace that is open and efficient.

“Tidal Finance is positioned as a core pillar of Defi on Polkadot. To work with such a great platform and team gives further strength to our Web 3.0 database solution. It is exciting to be part of this first wave of products emerging on top of Polkadot,” said Pavel Bains, CEO of Bluzelle.

About TIDAL Finance

TIDAL is a multi-chain open market for programmable insurance, empowering users to create custom insurance pools for multiple assets. With pool statistics and ranking, it is ...

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