Token Swap Contract Phase 2 Migration

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The smart contract that supported our STORM => STMX is now at the end of its final migration. The swap has been closed for many months now, but with the termination of the underlying contract, the un-swapped tokens are finally migrated to the user pool.

The remaining tokens are being migrated to maintain the same total supply as the previous token, the contract has automatically moved any un-swapped tokens to a StormX reserve wallet 0x42be5b30a32ebf7f43c16c7f5f7550ab5b1b65db so that the total supply of STMX is equal to the previous supply of STORM.

The tokens will stay in the locked user pool until the community decides on what should be done with them.

You can check out the original blog about the swap here. The swap was open for 4 months originally and then extended for 1 month to allow for more STORM token holders to swap. The swap was communicated throughout the 5 months via our email lists and social media accounts.

Users wishing to purchase STMX to upgrade their membership for higher Crypto CashBack can buy on the top exchanges and UniSwap listed here.

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