Top 10 Zilliqa Highlights (April-May 2021)

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Zilliqa continued to grow strong and steady in its second quarter of 2021. We surpassed 20 million transactions during this period. We built a custom marketplace for digital collectibles. We spoke to emerging artists. We dove deep into the NFT ocean and creator economy these past few months — unearthing a trove of knowledge about this dynamic market in the process.

In case you missed any of these — catch-up with our below 10-point summary today:

  1. The campaign for #ZilliqaFootballStars and the Polaris partnership started 27 April with a big bang on Twitter. Featuring teaser tweets from the 10 great footballers (who collectively command a following of 230 million), the campaign called to crypto communities, football fans and collectors of rare digital assets. The marketplace to purchase these NFTs went live this past weekend. Now, you too can have a piece of your heroes and their limited-edition digital representations stored forever-on-the-blockchain. Just visit
  2. The Zilliqa emoji went live on Twitter, triggered by the hashtags #ZilliqaFootballFans; #ZILForTheWIN and #Zilliqa . This caused quite a stir, and #Zilliqa was a trending hashtag in #Singapore. We were also LunarCRUSH’s coin of the day several times!

3. Partner Wins:

  • XCAD Token Listing: Zilliqa is proud to power the $XCAD token, now available on five exchanges. XCAD will provide content creators with a platform to monetise their ideas more effectively, and help smaller channels grow. You can actually even earn these creator tokens as a Youtube viewer, and stake your $XCAD to earn greater rewards. XCAD Network also partnered with world-famous influencers like Mr. Beast and KSI.
  • UFF Sports: UFF Sports and Zilliqa partnered with the NFL Alumni Association to launch a revolutionary Legends League on the UFFS platform. The Ultimate Fantasy American Football League (UFAFL) and American Football Legends League (AFLL) is an NFT-based fantasy football innovation that will ...

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