Top projects from the Theta Hackathon Q1 2021

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We always love to see Theta community get involved in building the Theta ecosystem, and the Theta Hackathon featured many great new examples of these. In case you missed it, here is a quick overview of the 3 winning projects, as well as several other honorable mentions helping push Theta protocol forward!


The livestreaming platform designed for social good, and built from the ground up integrated with Theta Network


The Android app that lets you easily create your own Theta NFTs with no coding experience required


The Theta blockchain explorer that has now expanded to support TNT20 tokens, on-chain Theta metrics and staking data, and much more


The Theta Dashboard and Blockchain notification system that provides an overview of your wallet balances, rewards and services payments


An easy-to-use Docker container designed to easily install and run a Theta Guardian Node as well as onchain Theta analytics

Theta Buddy

Theta Buddy links your Alexa device directly to Theta TV’s streaming network

Blockchain eSports

Watch Theta.TV streams on any Roku-powered device or TV with the Blockchain eSports app

Intoo TV

A P2P Livestreaming Platform to Design, Share & Monetize real-life experiences


Providing Edge Node monitoring and telemetry

Great job to all these teams and others who submitted projects for the Theta Hackathon Q1 2021, and we’ll see you for the next hackathon coming up!

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