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Hello Visioners!

It’s always one of our favourite moments when we look at taking the next step in evolving our ecosystem! Today we would like to unveil the developments around Genesis Markets, which is our own brokerage. As previously announced, one of the main features in the upcoming releases this year was the launch of our very own Trading Terminal.

We are excited to show you around it so here it is!

For a better experience, we have combined the best of crypto and traditional market trading platforms in one interface! This brand new terminal will allow us to reach our full potential, as we will be able achieve a tighter integration with liquidity providers, which will optimize all trading facilities and instruments.

Another huge development we have been teasing, is the release of the first Non-custodial version of Genesis Vision. While being a huge step forward for Genesis Vision, this paradigm change splits our platform into two parts. One, being with inevitable centralized components (such as integrations with brokerages, exchanges and their software) and the second, being the pure decentralized product. They will both be available on our platform and accessible through a single interface, but as we move closer to the final update, we have to revisit all the centralized parts of the system.

We are pleased to announce that Genesis Markets, as a go-to entry point to the Genesis Vision ecosystem, will be putting on it’s new rails with our cutting edge Trading Terminal as an interface, instead of MT5.

In order to have a smooth transition for all our users, all Binance trading accounts and Programs will be transferred to the new interface automatically.

As part of the new transition, Genesis Markets, Huobi and Forex positions need to be closed. We kindly request you do this ...

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