TrueFi’s TRU Token Economics

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Distribution & Supply Plans for TRU as of Feb 2021

Essential Figures:

Max supply: 1.44bn
Current circulating supply (as of 2/22/21): 224,018,367

Token allocations:

  1. Incentives (yield farming) = 565,500,000 (39%)
  2. Pre-Sale = 387,917,402 (26.75%)
  3. Team = 268,250,000 (18.5%)
  4. Company/Foundation = 163,082,598 (11.25%)
  5. Future Team = 65,250,000 (4.5%)

Since launch, TrueFi’s token release schedule has been updated several times by TRU community votes to reflect updated opportunities. As a result, the actual circulating supply and distribution curve is now different than when it was originally proposed.

The information below aims to be comprehensive in explaining the differences between the projected and actual distribution, give context to each source of distribution, and provide intentions for how the distribution could change over time.

Max & Circulating TRU Supply

At launch, the total max supply of TRU was 1,450,000,000.

TrustToken, Inc has been actively burning tokens as a result of providing liquidity to the TRU farms and as of February 2, 2021, has burned 5,253,710.89 TRU tokens, decreasing the total max supply of TRU to 1,444,746,288. Etherscan has been pulling the total max supply number accurately so that can always be used as the source of truth.

While the total max supply is ~1.44bn, the circulating supply is much lower.

As of February 22, 2021 it’s about 224mm TRU. The actual current circulating supply is also much lower than originally anticipated, as a result of certain votes to reduce incentive distributions. Per the originally proposed distribution schedule, the circulating supply (TRU available to be exchanged freely) on February 22, 2021, would have been ~400mm TRU — instead it is about 224mm TRU.

In addition to the current circulating supply being much lower than originally anticipated, there are at least 10s of millions and upwards of 100s of millions of unallocated TRU that could be repurposed ...

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