TrustToken acquires EthWorks, Doubling Team Size for TrueFi Scale-Up

After recently raising +$12.5 million, the world’s leading collateral-free lending platform is joining forces with a globally recognized team of Web3 engineers and designers.

San Francisco, California, September 2021 — TrustToken, the team responsible for launching TrueFi, the leading unsecured lending protocol, and maker of popular stablecoins including TrueUSD, announces the acquisition of EthWorks, a leading Web3 development company with a deep portfolio of successful blockchain projects. The acquisition doubles TrustToken’s team size, quadruples the company’s technical talent, and brings in senior technical and design leadership to take TrustToken’s mission to the next level.

Recognized as one of the world’s top Web3 engineering firms, EthWorks has been a TrustToken partner for over a year, and contributed to the development of many of the most widely adopted Layer 1 blockchains and DeFi protocols. EthWorks has worked with the Ethereum Foundation,, Maker DAO, Polkadot, Dharma, and many more. The EthWorks team will fully integrate into TrustToken’s staff and join the technical, design, and operational roadmap across all products and services, with a special focus on scaling the TrueFi protocol.

In onboarding the EthWorks team, the TrustToken team is growing to over 100 members and significantly expands the company’s engineering, design, and cybersecurity capabilities. This new talent is expected to substantially accelerate TrustToken’s development schedule, user experience and protocol security across the company’s various products and services. TrustToken will also maintain and expand EthWorks’ open-source projects including Waffle and useDApp which are used by Ethereum developers globally.

EthWorks’ industry-recognized engineering and design leadership join TrustToken in senior positions, guiding the company’s development and branding efforts. The senior leadership team will see Marek Kirejczyk, Founder and CEO of EthWorks, become Chief Technical Officer (CTO) of TrustToken. EthWorks’ Head of Design, Natalia Kirejczyk, rises to become TrustToken’s VP of Design, while ...

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