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History was made in April, and we were the ones making it.

The good times rolled. Along with a couple of wonderful platform upgrades, we successfully dropped the world’s first live gig NFT. The rights to book UMEK for a live performance (once events are back on the menu) were auctioned and sold for a cool $10k on Blockparty. His livestream NFT sold for $3,5k, and the legendary Lanicor 1 of 1 sold for $2k.

I’ll let UMEK go into more details:

🔬 What we focused on:

NFT from A to Z

As we wanted to do our drop well, we covered everything there is to know about this spring’s hottest topic — yes, wordplay included. The NFT ABCs for the modern musician were compiled in articles and downloadables:

NFTs for Musicians: Everything You Need to Know

In addition, we shared some insights into the role of NFTs in the future.

🥋 What we accomplished:

Created and sold the first-ever live gig NFT

The revolutionary drop was heard around the world, and we’re happy to report not only hundreds of media mentions, but also hundreds of Techno lovers who jammed with us on the drop party livestream.

If you missed our Music Industry Roundtable covering NFTs, you can catch up with this video:

Upgraded the Artist Pages

We listened to the ideas and requests that artists submitted throughout the years and implemented a lot of them into the redesign. Now, getting to know an artist through their online content is even simpler. Miha goes into all the exquisite details right here:

Viberate’s Artist Page: Everything You Wanted to Know at a Glance

💡 What we learned:

Or, to paraphrase UMEK, seeing potential all around you is a wonderful ...

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