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Intro: TRON Foundation is pleased to announce that TrueUSD (TUSD), the world’s most transparent stablecoin, fully collateralized and independently attested live on-chain, is now live on TRON as TRC20-TUSD!

As the market for open finance, which features decentralization, witnesses a vigorous growth since 2020, stablecoins like TUSD have surged across all metrics including supply, number of unique addresses and DAU thanks to their functionality that aligns values and builds the bridge between traditional and decentralized finance.

In the meantime, however, problems such as high gas fees on Ethereum and network congestion become ever more acute. High handling fees and slow transfer have compromised trading experience for users of TUSD, a compliant USD-pegged stablecoin popular among a number of communities for making small and medium-sized transfers.

While we have hopes for the Ethereum Layer 2 solution, we are also aiming for solutions on other public chains. TRON, as one of the top three public chains in the world, is obviously a first choice. Today, we are pleased to announce that TUSD has been launched on TRON to offer users lower cost and faster transactions!

Stablecoins on TRON now take up 26.6% of the total market, second only to Ethereum. Moreover, TRON is well on its way to exceed Ethereum in stablecoin trading volume. That’s definitely not pure luck. TRON features high throughput, scalability and security, which lays the foundations for such remarkable achievements and our decision to deploy TUSD on TRON.

TRON network guarantees security and stability through its DPoS mechanism. With such high performance, TRON also grants each TRX token holder the right to jointly govern the ecosystem.

TUSD has been successfully deployed on TRON. It adopts the fungible-token-friendly TRC20 standard, which is also the most widely-applied issuance protocol on TRON. Each TUSD token, as a bridge to convert value ...

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