Tutorial: How to Participate in BLZ Liquidity Pool on UniSwap

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Get started to Share a Reward Pool of 1 million in BLZ

About Bluzelle x Uniswap Incentivised Liquidity Pool

We are launching liquidity pool on Uniswap where contributors have the ability to earn BLZ without the need to stake on the Bluzelle platform. Starting with BLZ/USDC pool, more other pairs will be added later on. We encourage everyone to add liquidity to the pool and stake their ERC20 BLZ in order to earn extra tokens.

How is this different from Bluzelle Staking Program?

  • This is a program of limited period
  • No conversion to native BLZ tokens is needed. You can participate in the pool with your ERC20 BLZ
  • No locking of BLZ tokens. You can withdraw your BLZ any time
  • You not only earn BLZ rewards from Bluzelle, as a liquidity provider, you are also earning fees for every trade that happened on Uniswap.

Program Start Date:

19th February 12PM at UTC + 8


4 weeks

Total Reward Pool:

Up to 1,000,000 BLZ. This is part of the 20M tokens set to be distributed for Bluzelle staking in the first year.

Get Started

⚠️ Every individual can create a smart contract on Uniswap using an ERC20 token. Please make sure you only use links provided by the Bluzelle official and confirm you are adding liquidity/trading with the right contract address as below:

🔰 Pair Address: 0x5fa9569b0ed6aa01e234468e6a15b77988b950df

🔰 BLZ Token Contract: 0x5732046a883704404f284ce41ffadd5b007fd668

🔰 USDC Contract: 0xa0b86991c6218b36c1d19d4a2e9eb0ce3606eb48

🔰 Official Bluzelle staking page: https://staking.bluzelle.com

🔰 Official link to add liquidity to BLZ-USDC pair: https://app....

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