[Tutorial] How to use the DeFi Portfolio Tracker on DeFiBox?

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Are you a miner who has participated in many projects but still doesn’t know how to manage them? You have to switch among various websites of different projects just because you cannot check all the mining income in one App. You want to know the exact yield rate but don’t know how to calculate it.

DeFi Portfolio Tracker, DeFiBox’s exclusive function, can help you solve all the problems above and make your mining one step faster.

What is DeFi Portfolio Tracker on DeFiBox?

DeFi Portfolio Tracker launched by DeFiBox is a DeFi asset management tool for ETH, HECO and BSC users. With this tool, users can view the current DeFi portfolio, along with the yield rates of corresponding projects in real time.

How to use DeFi Portfolio Tracker on DeFiBox?

Only four steps are needed in order to use the almighty DeFi Portfolio Tracker.

1. Visit https://www.defibox.com/. Click the button on the top right corner to connect your wallet.

2. Click My Account to check the total value of DeFi assets.

3. Click “Invested Projects”. You can view all chains that you are currently mining on and the asset distribution under your address.

4.Click the drop-down button on the bottom right and select the chain on which you are mining. Then you can view all invested projects on that chain with their respective mining income. (HECO chain and its projects are used for illustration below)

(1)For Filda, you can view the balance and unclaimed earnings of all farming pools you have invested in under your address....

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