Ubex Platform Developers Update

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The Ubex platform is continuing to expand the list of functions available to its users and is perfecting existing functionality to ensure high convenience and advanced operational capacities. The development team is delighted to introduce a list of updates that have recently been implemented on the platform.

1. The fully automated moderation of creative has been introduced. The participation of platforms managers is now required only in controversial situations.

2. The utm-tags and macros editor in the creatives settings has been added. It has now become much easier and more convenient to add labels and macros to links.

3. The ability to withdraw funds allocated to a group of campaigns and return them to the account balance has been added. Many users have requested the introduction of the given function, since it often happens that a small amount of funds remains on a group of campaigns, which the user does not plan to use, but wants to transfer back to their account.

4. Full-fledged CPA reporting has been launched. Postback links are now fully functional and enable tracking of activity on the advertiser’s website.

5. The integration with Appsflyer for tracking conversions in applications has been completed.

6. A system of filtering traffic from bots with the help of our partners at Adscore has been added.

7. Automatic optimization for banner sizes has been added. Now the system analyzes the indicators of various banner sizes. When the AI optimization function is enabled, the system will turn off the sizes that bring the least results.


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