Ubex Project Platform Technical Update Review

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The Ubex project development team is delighted to announce that it has introduced a number of technical changes and updates to the platform.

Among the technical updates are important developments that are aimed at improving the functioning of the interface instruments and increasing the convenience of users working with the platform. The main updates introduced over the last month include the following:

1. The predictor has been updated. Based on the experience gained on working with the system, the development team rewrote the traffic buying algorithm. The platform now buys traffic in large volumes and makes it cheaper for the client.

2. Optimization by site categories in the campaign settings has been improved when the “Turn on AI” function is enabled.

3. The development team has also compiled and tested the most complete whitelist on the topic of cryptocurrencies, which will be a great advantage for clients interested in crypto traffic.

4. The main dashboard of the platform has been augmented with two reports-graphs. One of the graphs displays active campaigns, while the second displays active creatives.

5. The development team also carried out integration with the service of cleaning traffic from bots, making it is even more effective for clients to deal with such traffic.

Among the less prominent and technically relevant improvements introduced by the Ubex development team are the following:

1. Instructions on the creatives and campaign settings screen have been improved.

2. Translation errors in some language versions have been corrected.


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