Ubex Project Team Bolstered By New Members

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The Ubex project is delighted to announce that it has welcomed two new members who will be engaged in promoting the product on the international arena.

Ekaterina will be involved in product development as a product manager. She will be responsible for creating new features for the platform and analyzing the market. Previously, Ekaterina was responsible for product lines in such well-known companies as MTS, ivi, Netology, and others. The Ubex team is certain that her broad outlook in products and marketing will help the project reach the next level and create a sought-after and successful product.


The development team has also been augmented by three new members, but the project has decided not to reveal their identities. The Ubex project is delighted that they have joined the team and is confident that their efforts will result in accelerated project development.

Together with Ekaterina as a product manager, the development team will soon be introducing and implementing new ideas and features. The development of the project will significantly accelerate as a result of the expansion of the team.

The Ubex project continues to develop and grow as the platform is being expanded with new functionality. Stay tuned for more news and updates, as next week, the Ubex project will release a technical update that will include a review of the latest innovations on the platform.

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