Ubex Successfully Passes Sber500 Accelerator

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The Ubex team is delighted to announce that it has been selected from among more than 1,800 startups and got into the short list of 500 companies slated for acceleration. Having proven to have exceptional team cohesion and business prospects, the Ubex project was eventually selected into the top 25 projects.

For the last 3 months, the Ubex team went through rigorous preparation and training programs, tests, offline seminars and lectures, meetings with mentors and investors, pitch sessions and much more. The efforts were all directed to making sure that the project is prepared and presented before the committee board of the Sber500 Accelerator.

The culmination of the accelerator was the Demo Day, which was attended by representatives of large companies, state corporations and investment funds.

The Demo Day marks the end of the accelerator program as projects that have passed it are starting on the most interesting part of their path to development.

The Ubex team managed to set up a series of meetings and calls for the next month with potential clients, including McDonalds, Medsi and many others. The Sber500 team, in turn, will continue to work on promoting the startups that made it to the final. It was a large-scale event and its positive consequences will be evident in the near future. Also, Ubex managed to get the first place by the number of meeting requests.

During the accelerator period, the Ubex team increased its turnover by 3 times, and the number of requests for advertising increased by 5 times, proving the effectiveness of positive promotion and product placement while highlighting the true potential of the platform. Stay tuned for more news and updates from Ubex.

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