Ubex Team Welcomes New Members

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The Ubex project is delighted to announce that two new members have joined the team and will be adding their combined experience and expertise to advancing the development and popularization of the platform.


Maria has extensive experience working on various projects. Her last place of work was the international BBDO agency.

Maria will be engaged in:

- Searching and attracting clients and partners to the company, conducting strategic sessions, execution and signing of contracts.

- Developing strategies and tactical recommendations for the company’s clients in the areas of real estate, banks, e-commerce, auto, telecommunications.

- Analyzing the competitive environment: SWOT, PESTLE, brand demand, social, demographics, audience portraits, traffic on sites in a competitive cluster, media pressure, SOV, SOM, etc.

- Analyzing the effectiveness of the marketing split, development of recommendations and control over the implementation of measures aimed at improving the current situation.

- Setting tasks and monitoring their execution (analytics departments, real estate databases, targeted advertising, context).

Maria came to Ubex, because she has a firm desire to develop in IT and believes in the project’s successful implementation.


Evgeniya has over 10 years of experience in sales management within large federal companies, including 4 years of experience on the digital market. She has successfully solved tasks of a strategic planning nature and has an extensive circle of business acquaintances and contacts with market experts in various industries.

Evgeniya will be dealing directly with sales and will be responsible for promoting the platform before various industry representatives.

The Ubex project is confident that the addition of two new highly qualified members will have a positive impact on the platform’s development and their contribution will ensure the success of Ubex in the future. Stay tuned for more news and updates from Ubex.

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