UBEX Token Withdrawal End Date Notification

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Greetings, dear community members. The given newsletter is a notification regarding your UBEX Tokens.

The Ubex project token sale ended more than 2 years ago, but the tokensale.ubex.com website is still operational. Our records indicate that some users who have bought UBEX Tokens during the token sale have not yet withdrawn their assets to their personal wallet accounts from the website.

To allow our project to better allocate its resources and, we would like to announce to our token holders a deadline until which they can still withdraw their tokens to their personal accounts on tokensale.ubex.com

All users can still log into their accounts until March 15 inclusive and transfer their assets. After that date, all the claimed tokens will be sent to their accounts within 2 weeks.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation and understanding. The Ubex project is developing and would like to express its sincerest gratitude to all community members for their support.

Should you have any questions or issues with access to your account on the tokensale.ubеx.com website, please do not hesitate to contact our support team at support@ubex.com

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