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What a journey it has been to launch Ucam, the first absolutely private home security camera powered by IoTeX. Throughout this journey, we often asked ourselves “how do we make people care about privacy?” This quote from USV Founder, Fred Wilson, encapsulates the IoTeX philosophy:

People do care about privacy, but the sacrifices we make for privacy must come at a low enough cost that we will make them.” — Fred Wilson

Even the most technologically sophisticated products are worthless if users cannot use them. Over the past few months, IoTeX has invested heavily in market research, internal testing, and beta testing with real end users to ensure Ucam has an outstanding user experience. In this blog, we share the fruits of our labor, including a preview of the Ucam App and some early feedback from beta testers.

Ucam App on the Apple App Store

Ucam App Preview

Who says blockchain-based products can’t be functional? Ucam does not just match the UI/UX of other traditional home cameras, it exceeds it! With flexible camera controls at your fingertips and customizable device/user settings, you can tailor Ucam for your new private lifestyle.

▶️ Check out the Ucam App preview video below:

Ucam Beta Tester Feedback

Over the past couple months, IoTeX hosted two product demo & beta testing programs with local pre-order customers and beta testers. Their feedback has been incredibly valuable to improve Ucam functionality and usability. Let’s check out what some of them think about Ucam! For those in the San Francisco Bay Area, sign up to be a beta tester here.

“It’s a beautiful, sleek design and the mobile app seems so intuitive. I’ve installed dozens of Nest cameras at my workplace and at home and the process the Ucam team walked me through was simpler than Googles! Impressive. ...

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