Understanding Wanchain Two-Way Bridge and Direct Bridge

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Understanding Wanchain Two-Way Bridge and Direct Bridge for crosschain operations

Weijia Zhang, Wanchain

Wanchain is a blockchain project that focuses on building bridges to connect with public or private, homogeneous or heterogeneous, blockchains. From Wanchain 2.0 to Wanchain 5.0, Wanchain has connected with various blockchains such as Ethereum, Bitcoin, and EOS. For 5.0, Wanchain releases two-way bridge to connect with Ethereum blockchain through the Open Storeman mechanism. This has achieved the technical framework as laid out in the Wanchain whitepaper. Going beyond that, Wanchain has been working on direct bridge that will connect two public blockchains without the need of routing through a hub blockchain as shown in the following architectural diagram extended from Wanchain’s original whitepaper.

Wanchain expands crosschain architecture to two way bridge and direct bridge

In this article, we describe in details some basic concepts, features, and processes for two-way bridge and direct bridge.

Two-Way Crosschain Bridge

Not all bridges are the same. A bridge in the context of this article is a platform that can transfer assets from one blockchain to another blockchain. There are three elements that are important to describe a crosschain bridge: a) who provides the bridge; b) what assets are transferred in a bridge; c) on what blockchain the assets reside. As crosschain technology and applications are still at an early stage and there are only a few applications that provide solutions for bridging assets in different blockchains, there are many conceptions that need to be clarified to better understand crosschain bridges. For example, we used the word “wrapped ether” to represent ether in its ERC20 format and “wrapped BTC” for BTC in its ERC20 format. This is very inaccurate as the first one is on its native chain and the other is crossed from another blockchain. It is very important to ...

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