Universal Wallet Update 2.0 Now Live

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Universal Wallet Update 2.0 Now Live

Welcome, Bitcoin Cash & a Faster Wallet!

One of our biggest releases yet, Update 2.0 delivers a faster wallet, quicker and cheaper transactions, the addition of Bitcoin Cash & more….

Bitcoin Cash Now Supported on the Universal Wallet!

We are thrilled to welcome Bitcoin Cash and the community of BCH enthusiasts to Ethos.

Bitcoin Cash can be added to users’ SmartWallets – where you can transfer Bitcoin Cash directly to your wallet and store it there for safekeeping, secured with your pin and biometrics. If you need to send or receive Bitcoin Cash, you can do it in a snap by scanning a QR code address.

Bitcoin Cash has a full coin profile, complete with live interactive charts and data, easy tracking, as well as the ability for users to rate and leave comments on the profile. 

What is Bitcoin Cash?

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is peer-to-peer electronic cash for the internet. Bitcoin Cash formed from a hard fork of Bitcoin, led by developers who wanted to increase the block size, which allows it to process more transactions per second. It is fully decentralized with no central bank and requires no trusted third parties to operate. Accepted by around 1,000 retailers as a means of payment, Bitcoin Cash has become a well-adopted part of the thriving and growing crypto economy.

Now 2x Faster – 100% Increase in Wallet Performance

Just ahead of our 2.0 release we migrated our servers and upgraded our backend system. With this large-scale data migration, the majority of our users will experience a significant increase in app speed on various features and functions in the app. 

Faster ETH & ERC20 Token Transfers to Your Wallet

With this update, we’ve upgraded ...

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