Upcoming Smart Contract Upgrade to Restore Legacy TUSD Support

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We’ll be restoring legacy TUSD support by smart contract upgrade shortly. Your TUSD holdings will not be affected.

Summary: On Sept 16th, 2020, TrustToken upgraded the TUSD smart contract based on feedback from the Maker & Aave smart contract teams. This contract depreciated many non-essential functions, including legacy TUSD smart contract support.
This caused a small number of contracts, who were using the legacy TUSD smart contract and unable to upgrade, to be unable to move their TUSD. Our upcoming upgrade will restore legacy TUSD support in order to help these contracts and their users. It has been audited and, pending partner approval, will go live in October 2020.

Restoring Legacy TUSD Smart Contract Support

Our September 16th, 2020 upgrade was designed to simplify our TUSD smart contract by removing non-essential features, as suggested by the communities of two major TrustToken DeFi partners, Maker & Aave. Since being deployed, we’re happy to see TUSD has enjoyed even deeper integration into Maker’s DAI and adoption from Aave users.

Though this upgrade made our TUSD contract even more secure and easier to audit, it also depreciated a feature that is important to a small set of TrustToken partners: supporting our legacy (pre-Jan 2019) TUSD smart contract.

While most TrustToken partners upgraded their TUSD smart contract after our original announcement, certain DEX and dApp developers continued to rely on a rely on the old contract through a transfer() function — much like a website offers a 301 redirect.

The upgrade affected less than $150,000 of TUSD, largely held on a single DEX. The upcoming update will make these funds accessible by restoring legacy TUSD smart contract support.

Pending partner signoff, the smart contract will be upgraded October 2020. Your TUSD will not be affected.

Audit Status: Completed

The TUSD smart contract update was audited on September 26th, 2020. ...

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