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[Updated on 11.05] Progress of Wanchain 5.0 Testnet: Release Of Test Version of Web Bridge, A Web Cross-chain Tool

Updated on November 5th, 2020

Release of Test version of Web Bridge

Web Bridge is a web cross-chain tool in Wanchain 5.0 product series. With Web Bridge, users can rapidly convert cross-chain assets between Wanchain and Ethereum based on the decentralized WAN Bridge mechanism.

Web Bridge (for testnet only):

We highly recommend you use MetaMask and WanMask together when you use Web Bridge.

WanMask (for testnet only):


Note that all the products above are only for the Wanchain 5.0 testnet. Please DO NOT transfer your mainnet WAN coins to those products at present.

Brief Guide of Web Bridge

  1. Open Web Bridge URL

Web Bridge:

Currently, Web Bridge only supports Chrome.


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