Upskill Yourselves with the newly-launched LearnBlockchain website!

  • Community-driven education and teaching portal on all things blockchain, crypto and Zilliqa is now LIVE; You decide what content works and which lessons you love
  • Inviting your technical and non-technical contributions in multiple languages!

Hi, Aloha, Namaste, 你好, Hola, مرحبا , Bonjour, Selamat, Ciao, Привет.

Don’t you agree that knowledge should be freely available and accessible so that everyone can benefit, and they in turn can benefit society? We certainly think that should be the case for something as decentralised and open-source as blockchain.

For too long, our industry has been plagued by information assymetry. This barrier directly affects widespread adoption and usability. We wanted to play a role in changing this. Never having forgotten Zilliqa’s academic roots, we wanted to give back to all of you by way of free, useful and practical awareness and skill-building resources. One channel, you already know, is LearnScilla — for the more technically-minded.

We’re glad to unveil the other platform, Learn Blockchain today! Here’s what makes Learn Blockchain special:

  • Blockchain can’t be about the few. It has to be about everyone. Learn Blockchain aims to rectify this through free and decentralised education. Although sponsored and built by Zilliqa, this platform is community-driven. It will be managed by Zillacracy and Zilliqans who have accumulated knowledge on a wide range of topics
  • You get to decide what the best explanations are, what you’d like to learn more about and the best explanations — for all technical and non-technical topics

Content of every kind is welcome. The basics of blockchain are crucial for those who are novices. However, feel free to dig deeper! We’d love to see well-rounded, analytical pieces that not only describe but analyse the impact of dApps or concepts. Make them insightful, thought-provoking, and full of data — and we’ll make sure to highlight them on the website!

We suggest topics that can stir ...

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