Use TUSD at 40M Merchants with’s MCO Visa Card

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The TrustToken team has long been obsessed with making financial opportunities open to all, and we see cryptocurrencies as one of the most powerful gateways to access the full breadth of ways to make your money work for you.

Our longtime friends and partners at have been powerful allies in this mission, bringing cryptocurrency to the mainstream not just by designing popular crypto-powered products, but also putting their efforts behind the national Time for Plan B(TC) campaign.

Today, our two teams combine our superpowers:

TrueUSD, known for its stability and transparency, joins’s MCO Visa Card, giving TUSD users ways to spend their crypto in the real world.
Get your MCO Visa Card at this link and claim a $50 value, special for TUSD users.

Spend TrueUSD Anywhere Visa is Accepted

Since the 2018 market crash, it’s become clear that pure technical sophistication won’t sustain our industry: bringing digital assets to the “real-world,” and truly offering day-to-day utility, is a necessary component to growing cryptocurrency’s impact.

That’s why we’re proud to announce TrueUSD (TUSD) is now available in the App, making it available for conversion into fiat to be spent at over 40m merchants globally with the MCO Visa Card. Users can still earn up to 12% on their TUSD with Earn.

Users can purchase TUSD with 21 fiat currencies at true cost with no fees, easily using credit/debit cards or bank transfer.

Rewards for spending digital assets with the MCO Visa Card

  • Up to 5% back on ALL your spending
  • 100% rebate for Spotify and Netflix subscription
  • 10% rebate on Expedia and Airbnb
  • Unlimited LoungeKey airport lounge access at 1,000+ premium lounges in 400+ airports worldwide

The team at is providing the TrustToken community with a special offer: reserve the MCO Visa Card ...

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