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Welcome to the new Verge Ambassador program!

This short guide will give you an idea of what the program is about, how to get started, and how to become a Verge Ambassador.

The Verge Currency mission is to empower people around the world by bringing blockchain transactions into everyday life, both business and personal. With close to 1 million community members there are many different individuals, cultural backgrounds, age and interests. Having all these different perspectives results in a unique group of untapped talent and skill! Mix all of that together and you have a group that we call VergeFam which has the united goal of supporting and positively contributing to the growth of Verge.

So by now you may wonder, what does an ambassador do exactly?

As Ambassadors, your role would be to support Verge in its mission, one example would be to reach out to businesses to accept Verge as a payment method. Other ways would be to provide writing/translation or graphic design support. Don’t be put off by thinking I can’t do any of those, as that is just the tip of the iceberg!

As Ambassadors there is no specific time you have to dedicate, that all depends on you. Remember everyone is a volunteer, that includes core team members. However, we do expect you to commit your time on a regular basis to support for example reaching out to companies, helping on marketing initiatives, writing blogs, creating graphics/video or any other means that you believe will positively impact the project and help us move forward as a whole.

So is there a specific list of companies to choose from? Am I free to create the graphics I like for Verge?

The answer is yes to both questions, you are free to create what you believe helps the project succeed as long ...

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