Verge Currency marketing update #10

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April 2021

Before we go on to the exciting stuff starting to happen, let’s do a recap since the last Vergecurrency Marketing update.

We’ve said many times that we share the news when it happens, and we do. But let’s face it, when the Verge Community gets going, a lot happens quickly, so marketing updates are useful again. The Verge team is 40 volunteers, which means we work to maintain the blockchain, and the community while having our day jobs. If you want news, be like our new graphic designer Cityboi, and make the news; we are all volunteers after-all.

We had a marketing update in the form of 2020: a year in review. Go ahead, read it, the rest of this article will wait for you.

Since many people are joining the community (more on this below) I thought it was important to share the main social media handle (these are in English)

Skip this part if your familiar with the social media handles.

We rely on the community to go out and help us reach out to partner, exchanges and general outreach. We have a huge following on social media with people from around the globe, there is power in this. Literally, the blockchain was saved, because of our attentive community. So be sure to participate.

So if you are new to Verge Currency, here are the important links.

Make sure to follow:
1- Twitter Handle
2- Verge Currency YouTube
3- Instagram
4- Medium

Should you want to join our platform for daily communications.

Discord Verge Currency Community:
Telegram Verge Currency Community:
Facebook Verge Currency Community:
Reddit Verge Currency Community:


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