VergePay… Now with NFC?

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VergePAY presents: NFC for Verge iOS wallet

Tap. Pay. Go.
It’s that easy.

In what is surely a first for the realm of mobile crypto wallets, #XVG now offers NFC (near field communication payments) with the combination of torproject for locational security of its users.

Using NFC allows our users to pay any Verge currency accepting merchant, with a simple tap, akin to Google Pay or Apple Pay while offering security by hiding the location on the blockchain.

With the NFC capabilities for the iOS wallet, Verge Currency is pushing towards mass adoption to make digital currency use as seamless as a Google/Apple Pay.
Download the wallet today: AppStore here.

How do I use it?

Simple, you head down to and select micro solution in the top right corner

Our micro merchant solution.

With the advent of #bitcoin reaching over its all time high of 20 000$, we also want to promote the use of NFC payments, with our Micro Merchant solution, we are bridging the gap for brick and mortar stores to accept #crypto payments.

TO conclude, here is VergePAY in action.
Tap. Pay. Go.

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