VIBE 2021 Initiatives & Look back at 2020

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Hello everyone! Thanks for joining us today to take a look back at ‘VIBE’ in 2020 and educating yourself on the 2021 ‘VIBE’ initiatives. 2020 has been met with a lot of pain and heartbreak from all over the world. Every one of us has been affected by Covid-19 in some way or another, but the light is nearing the end of the tunnel and our team looks forward to 2021 and the world getting back to normal!

2020 Developments

New UI & UX

In 2020 we saw the VIBEHub platform receive an upgrade on UI and UX. Completely revamping our website and VIBEHub platform was very important to our team in 2020. Our team felt we needed a website update in 2020 and we are happy with how it turned out!

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