VIBE added to WanSwap DEX

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Hello everyone! We’re happy to announce VIBE has been added to the WanSwap DEX! WanSwap is a cross-chain AMM DEX built on the WanChain protocol. Starting this Friday a liquidity pool will be live for VIBE/WASP on the WanSwap DEX. VIBE will be apart of the ‘Springtime’ mechanism on the WanSwap listing protocol and will see a 2X multiplier in farming rewards to LP providers during the first two weeks of listing!

Springtime Mechanism

The Springtime mechanism is a farming rewards initiative created by the WanSwap team. When the VIBE liquidity pool starts on WanSwap this Friday, VIBE will have a 2X Multiplier on farming rewards for the first two weeks. After the two-week period has ended, the multiplier will go down to a 1X multiplier. In order to keep the 1X multiplier in farming rewards to LP providers, VIBE will be in a friendly competition with another project who is listed on WanSwap at that time. The competition will last for two weeks and whichever project has more liquidity after two weeks will keep their 1X multiplier on farming rewards to LP providers. The maximum amount of competitions a project will enter is 3, after which, and by winning all three competitions, the project will then have standard permanent allocation rewards.

Important to note: If VIBE does not have more liquidity than the other project after the competition week. VIBE will enter a community vote on WanSwap to determine if VIBE LP providers will continue receiving farming rewards. If the vote is yes, VIBE LP providers on WanSwap will continue receiving farming rewards. If the vote is no, VIBE LP will remain on WanSwap and VIBE LP providers will continue to receive their share in 0.25% of transaction fees generated on VIBE/WASP swaps.

Farming Rewards

Initial Listing

Farming Rewards ...

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