VIBE NFT Protocol — Setting a new standard for NFT’S

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VIBE NFT Protocol — Setting a new standard for NFT’S

Hello! Thanks for joining us and taking the time to become more educated on VIBE NFT’s. VIBE NFT’S are the most advanced NFT’s that exist on the market today. And because they are so advanced, it requires knowledge to understand all you can do with VIBE NFT’s. From having your VIBE NFT backed with collateral, to taking out a loan on your VIBE NFT’S collateral. VIBE NFT’s have many unique components that make them so special and unique. There is a lot to learn, so let’s get started!

Table of Contents:

1.1 ~ What are VIBE NFT’S?

2.1 ~ VIBENet

3.1 ~ Collateral

3.2 ~ Collateral Accumulation

3.3 ~ Collateral Commission

3.4 ~ Collateral Distribution Pool (CDP)

3.5 ~ Lending VIBE NFT’s

3.6 ~ Collateral Release Option

4.1 ~ Take out Loan on VIBE NFT’s

4.2 ~ Credit System


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