Viberate vs. Summer: The Stats Are In

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They say that the path to enlightenment starts with knowing oneself. Naturally, we focused on the funny stuff first and inspected our summer habits.

Let’s get the obvious question out of the way: we already established that our physiques are nowhere near “beach body ready” (whatever that is) in our previous round of tell-all stats.

Viberate in Numbers: How Are We Handling the Distancing?

But there’s plenty other summery things to be asked, like, do we spend our holidays doing hardcore sporting, or are we normal? Do we prefer mojitos or lemonade? Did any of us shave for this?

Let’s dive in.

🏊 Beach, please

Summer equals seaside vacationing for most of us — 74%. In general, we seem to think summer should be spent doing as little as possible, though 32% of us are office Olympians who swear by hiking, biking and other displays of sporting prowess, heat be damned.

Before you even ask: yeah, we also rock totally sizzling summer fits.

💀 Hang the DJ

Next topic of interest: beach etiquette. When it comes to tolerating other people’s playlists blasting out of portable loudspeakers, the verdict is clear: over 58% of us shudder at the mere idea. Shockingly enough, almost 13% would welcome this free party option, and three people even admitted to taking on the role of “beach maestro” themselves. The editorial team suspects these to be clear cases of heatstroke.

Moving on with beach-related stuff: we’re somewhat split between entering cold water head-first and getting it over with, and taking our sweet time. Interestingly, the “calculated” approach is more significant in the marketing department, so it seems that strategic thinking does reflect in more areas than just the job.

🚙 Have Love Will Travel

Together, we’ve conquered more than a whopping 14,000 km on this year’s summer travels. The average road trip was around 500 km...

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