VIBEVERSE Mining Mainnet is live!

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Hello everyone! We’re happy to announce the VIBEVERSE Mainnet is launched and live for mining! VIBEIANS can now mine for VIBEREUM and start receiving credit for VIBEREUM in their VIBENet Virtual Wallet. Also, the VIBEVERSE Lite Client is live for mining and the VIBE FOUNDRY is live for VIBEREUM/VIBE swaps! During the initial launch of Mainnet, the VIBEVERSE Lite Client will be live on Mainnet and the VIBEVERSE 3D experience will remain on Testnet until next week. Let’s break down the VIBEVERSE economy!


Depending on if you’re a Planet Owner, Spaceship Owner, or Nomad, there are different percentage payouts of VIBEREUM for VIBEIANS. Every time 5 minerals are deposited .1 VIBEREUM is produced.

Planet Owner

50 percent of the VIBEREUM mined gets distributed to Planet Owners on the VIBEREUM mined on that planet. If your planet has more than one owner, you receive the percentage of VIBEREUM according to the amount of ownership in the planet.

It is important for planet owners to have V-RIGS on their planet so they can earn VIBEREUM from miners. If your planet does not have any V-RIGS, miners will go to other planets to produce VIBEREUM.

Spaceship Owner

Spaceship owners can buy their own V-RIGS and receive 50% of the VIBEREUM they mine. If Spaceship owners do not own their own V-RIGS, they earn 25% of the VIBEREUM they mine.


Nomads are VIBEIANS who own no planet or ship. Nomads earn 25% of the VIBEREUM they mine and cannot acquire V-RIGS.

  • If you’re a sole Planet & Spaceship owner and own a V-RIG, you receive 100 percent of the VIBERUM you mine.
  • If you’re a nomad, you receive 25 percent of the VIBEREUM you mine....

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