VIBEVERSE Mining Tutorial

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Hello everyone! Welcome to the VIBEVERSE Mining Tutorial Guide. In this tutorial guide, you will learn everything you need to know about navigating your travels throughout the VIBEVERSE. If you prefer video format, please go to section 9 of this blog for the VIBEVERSE Mining Tutorial on the VIBEHub YouTube Channel. Let's get started!

Table of Contents:

  1. Enter VIBEVERSE
  2. Main Screen
  3. Viewing Planets
  4. Select Ship
  5. Navigate Planets Orbit
  6. Mining Colony
  7. Collecting Minerals
  8. Mining Area
  9. V-RIG
  10. Video Tutorial


  1. Enter VIBEVERSE

Go to and select Launch Now

2. Main Screen

To reach the Main Screen, go to and enter the VIBEVERSE. This is the Main Screen when you first enter the VIBEVERSE. From the Main Screen, you can begin viewing planets and press the + symbol to select your ship to start exploring! Also note, under the planet name you can see which mineral can be mined on that planet.


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