VIBEVERSE Phase 1 is Live for Testnet!

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Hello everyone! We’re happy to announce Phase1 of the VIBEVERSE has been launched and is presently live on Testnet. Citizens of the VIBEVERSE can now begin collecting minerals and refining for VIBEREUM on any planet within the VIBEVERSE. During the test mining phase, all planets will work together to mine 2,000 VIBEREUM as a collective universe. Once 2,000 VIBEREUM is mined, test mining will end and Mainnet will be live!

VIBEREUM is a VRC Token and is built on VIBENet. VIBENet is the layer 2 solution of the VIBEHub ecosystem. VIBENet facilitates instant transactions with no gas fees and is interoperable with any blockchain and currency. When citizens of the VIBEVERSE (VIBEIANS) have successfully mined for VIBEREUM, their VIBENet Virtual Wallet will be credited with VIBEREUM and then they can choose to swap VIBEREUM/VIBE on the VIBE FOUNDRY.

Users who have balances of VIBEREUM and VIBE in their VIBENet Virtual wallet can instantly swap their tokens with no gas fees on the VIBE FOUNDRY. VIBE FOUNDRY is the only place to swap your VIBEREUM for VIBE at this time. Users can’t withdraw VIBEREUM or create their own liquidity pools on any secondary market. VIBENet is VIBEREUMS only gateway upon Testnet and Mainnet. There will be a liquidity pool for both VIBEREUM/VIBE on the VIBE FOUNDRY. VIBE can still be withdrawn to MetaMask, Ledger Nano, etc…

The VIBEVERSE is built for any modern web browser with a reliable internet connection. Users who don’t have a VIBEHub account or VIBE NFTs will not be left out of the VIBEVERSE. You can join the VIBEVERSE as a guest and explore the VIBEVERSE like any other citizen. To mine for VIBEREUM, users will need a VIBEHub account to mine.

The VIBEVERSE is showcasing VIBE NFTs. The planets being traveled & mined and the spaceships used in the VIBEVERSE ...

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