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Voice Life Inc. Showcases Wireless Power For The 21st Century With NVIDIA Deep Learning Accelerator Technology At CES 2021 Showcase

HUNTINGTON BEACH, CA — (PR Newswire) — 01/08/2021 — Voice Life Inc. today announced Its digital presence at the CES 2021 Showcase launching the Life-Line Power Connect platform based upon a terahertz-based scalable network designed for far field wireless charging, is creating the next advancement in the capability to charge, maintain use and availability of smart phones and other electric-based products and devices. The platform uses NVIDIA’s Deep Learning Accelerator (NVDLA) technology to enable quick network discovery, authentication and to facilitate the wireless energy reception.

Voice Life with VergePAY is creating a wireless charging protocol within a “smart contract” model where billions of software neurons and trillions of connections are trained in parallel. This protocol, combined with Deep Neural Network (DNN) algorithms, operates with 99 percent accuracy on a single neural network framework that can locate, detect, classify and pinpoint the different types of mobile devices with lightning quick speed. It also powers sensors and IoT device assets accurately, seamlessly and continuously in real time for both indoor and outdoor environments. This blockchain registration process identifies the type of device, calculates the distance from the Wi-Fi router to the receiver, and detects mobile receiver battery needs prior to activating the wireless power charge.

Adding NVDLA technology and Verge Currency technologies expands the scalability to include a global database of over 3,000 Low Earth Orbiting (LEO) satellites, over 93 million cellular towers and over 2.3 billion Wi-Fi hotspots for network positioning and object detection for the provisioning of wireless power. “Incorporating NVIDIA’s open-source solution, which utilizes AI and deep learning on a proven hardware architecture, combined with the Voice Life patented and Verge Currency technologies with our Life-Line Power Connect platform, is critical to one day power and ...

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