Vyper and Brownie Contract Development on EVM Chains

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For many of us, Solidity isn’t the most enjoyable language to start off with when learning about smart contract development, even though it seems like the only option. For those who came more from a security, scripting, and backend development side of things, we still prefer Pythonesque syntax to what Solidity tries to present with its Javascript-lookalike language and using Truffle and Javascript for smart contract development workstations.

Luckily, Vyper exists as an alternative to Solidity and admittedly being a much safer approach to smart contract development due to its higher restrictions and limitations and focus on security. Vyper’s ethos work very well with those of ETC. Hence, it made sense for the ETC Cooperative to help contribute to the codebase of Vyper in collaboration with Ben Hauser who implemented the changes necessary into Vyper in order to allow us to target multiple versions of the EVM in order to have it working with ETC. This whole thing also wouldn’t have been possible without the guidance and awesomeness of Bryant Eisenbach who helped guide the VIPs and their subsequent implementation Vyper that would benefit ETC and other EVM-chains.

To celebrate integration of ETC with Vyper, we decided to build a smart contract for Vyper to deploy to ETC. In order to commit to a Python-only Ethereum Stack based development environment, we wanted to check out Brownie, the Python-Ethereum development environment that’s an alternative to Truffle. In this tutorial, we will setup Brownie and Vyper and build up our smart contract and test suites as well as some helpful scripts. We will be rewriting my Solidity smart contract from previous guides for creating a Trademark Registration system to Vyper language on the decentralized web. The bonus cool thing about Brownie is that it is developed by the very same Ben ...

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