Waltonchain Q3 2020 Work Progress

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KirinPool.com domain was taken over from Silicon Shenzhen.

Waltonchain came to the App Store. On September 4, WTA App was listed on the App Store.

WTCwallet v2.0: completed the development of UI, front end, WTC coin and WTA token support and decentralized node.

Blockchain explorer v2.0: completed the development of front-page UI, WTC coin and WTA token support, a part of APIs and the script for counting GMN addresses on Ethereum and mainnet.


Waltonchain Box v2.0 was released on September 30. The new blockchain data collection terminal has a less power consuming CPU, better hardware and more connectivity options with 5G, NB-IoT and LoRa.


In Q3 2020, Walton Chain Foundation has no new expenses.

4 million WTC GMN pool: 35,200 WTC (GMN Airdrop 01).

BD & Operations

· On July 6 to 10, Waltonchain Russian Autonomous Community participated in Digital Summit 2020 where Waltonchain launched a 6,000 WTC Limited giveaway.

· On July 20, DragonEx listed WTA and launched the Hold/Trade event with a 20,000 WTC award pool. The WTA/USDT trading pair is available.

· Crypto.com added support for mainnet WTC coins in the Crypto.com app and launched the WTC Exclusive Campaign with USD 6,500 rewards in WTC on July 23. Within the Campaign, WTC Deposit & Net Buy Competition award pool was USD 5,000.


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